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Race Simulations

Our race simulation can take large fields of horses (up to 20) and simulate extremely accurate race visuals and results down to the millisecond per furlong. Our engine supports a multitude of factors and variations like distance, weather, track surface, track condition, and more. It also allows for extremely detailed inputs and attributes on the horses themselves. Preferred distances, current form, speed, stamina, temper, and many many more determine how a horse performs in each furlong, dictating whether the horse starts strong, finishes fast, or everything in between. Our race simulations execute in mere seconds on our own servers, and output a visual that a Unity client can read-in to render the result.
In our Horse Racing Manager game, for 5+ years now, races have been simulated every single minute of every single day. Millions of races have been simulated and over the years they have been tuned and tweaked with our community to be extremely fair, balanced, and exploit free.
Photo Finish™ LIVE simulating the 2022 Kentucky Derby, live on NBC

NBC Sports

To further reduce any doubt about our race simulation technology, look no further than the nationally broadcasted Triple Crown races on NBC each year, where our simulations are utilized and commented on live by the broadcasters. Watch a video of the Preakness Stakes.
Screen capture from our simulation on NBC predicting a Triple Crown victory by Justify
Other games and products are miles behind our technology in this space. You may hear buzzwords like "RNG Algorithm", but we are the only game where your skill as a stable owner and breeder truly matters, and it always will.