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Two tokens in Photo Finish™ LIVE - $CROWN & $DERBY - drive all interactions in game.


$CROWN is a utility token within Photo Finish™ LIVE. There is a fixed supply of 250,000,000 tokens that will not grow.
Owners of Stylish Studs, Spooky Studs, & Fine Fillies earn $CROWN through staking rewards at a rate that increases with the amount and rarity rankings of their NFT’s.
$CROWN is the sole way to purchase an officially sanctioned race track license each season to earn a cut of $DERBY from races and wagers.


The $DERBY token is an inflationary token that acts as a native in-game currency utilized for transactions like race entry fees, breeding new foals, and paying stud fees.
Each transaction on the platform, even if represented as fiat or native cryptocurrency value, is made exclusively in $DERBY.
Players can earn $DERBY in a multitude of ways, through selling NFT Horses, stud fees, operating racetracks, participating in races, referring new players, wagering*, and more.
Flow chart of $CROWN and $DERBY