Pooled Stakes Racing

One of the most exciting parts to our upcoming game is the ability for the players to actually earn money while playing. As developers, we couldn't be more excited to allow new and unique revenue streams where skilled players can generate a brand new income from video games!
On the Photo Finish™ LIVE platform, races are available at all hours of the day to enter (just like they are in Horse Racing Manager). There are countless variations on the race types, from track surface to distance to weather...as well as stakes!
When you've bred (or bought) horses that feel ready to take on real life competition, you choose to enter your horse into a race that best fits its strengths. Some of these races are free to enter, some of them may cost some amount of cryptocurrency to enter.
After the race is filled with entrants and the post positions have been chosen, the entry fees are put into escrow. Our race simulation will simulate the race. The winners will then all get paid out in the standard purse distribution format. As per wikipedia:
...the plan provided 1% of the purse to all finishers in the race lower than fourth; this meant that the percentages paid out to the horses finishing second, third and fourth (but not first) became variable, depending upon the size of the field. For example, if a race had twelve starters, 60% of the purse went to the winner, 18% to second, 10% to third, 4% to fourth and 1% each to fifth through twelfth; with only six starters the winner received the same 60%, but 20% went to second, 13% to third, 5% to fourth and 1% each to fifth and sixth.
* note that many geographies and locales have different laws when it comes to prize pools, so we can't yet guarantee that this feature will be available in your region.