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Genetics-Based Breeding

The other major piece of technology that we have built over the last 5 years is a breeding engine. Again, other games / products out there may use buzzwords like "Genetic Algorithm" to sell their version of this technology, but we've truly built the most authentic and deep breeding simulation on the market and it WORKS. Hundreds of millions of horses have been bred in our existing games.

Genetics + Attributes

Our horses act somewhat as blueprints. They have a collection of attributes (defined by genes) as well as all kinds of information in the bloodline passed down from generation to generation. Their genetics also dictate the coat colors of their offspring. The bloodline gets stronger and stronger and more resilient as you continue to breed offspring geared towards certain strengths (such as short distance, or mud)
Our usage of genetics within breeding ensures that talented stable owners can breed generations and generations of talented horses, but our deep collection of attributes ensures that players are always challenged by breeding horses with various strengths and offsetting their weaknesses. No horse is ever perfect!