Race Wagering

Since most of us can't be owners of horses in real life (where would we keep them??), the majority us are most interested in wagering on horse races!
We are excited to provide this functionality in Photo Finish™ LIVE. With races being simulated every minute of every day, there is a great opportunity for spectators to have fun and try to make some money in the process by putting in wagers on the races!
When a race is locked, there is a "betting window" that opens for ~15-30 minutes (time subject to change). During this time window, expert tippers and punters can place a variety of bets from normal win bets all the way to superfectas and daily doubles. Odds will change as these parimutuel wagers are entered.
These wagers are pooled into escrow at race start, and after race simulation is complete, winners will have their crypto re-deposited directly into their wallet!
* note that many geographies and locales have different laws when it comes to prize pools, so we can't yet guarantee that this feature will be available in your region.